Christmas Box International

Mosaic Menswear and Christmas Box International - Tie'd Together

At Mosaic Men’s Wear, we care about the quality craftsmanship and purpose of each of our products. We also carry that concept into the way we live within our families and communities. We look for ways to improve [those] lives of people around us. As true Gentlemen, we put helping others at the top of our [to do] list each day.

Working with the [Non-Profit] foundation "The Christmas Box International" plays a major part in the brand identity of Mosaic. [With a portion of proceeds from each tie sold going towards providing these kids in need with a tie for those important moments to come.]

Each child in the organization will go through the Adoptive process, and in doing so have several interviews along the way. [We all know how important it is to look sharp for that right job interview right?] [We for these kids its] an interview for a future, for a family, and for a better life. When hand delivering these ties to young adults and kids in need, we show them its more than just a tie. Its Mosaic and their community believing in them as great minds, people, and the future leaders of the world. Giving them that added boost of love and confidence through a tie during this important time of their life is at the core of the Mosaic brand!

As a true Gentleman, coming together to help one another to achieve our dreams of tomorrow is the absolute definition of “Success”