Mosaic Menswear is a gentlemens clothing company that believes in making design-driven, quality goods with a touch of class.

Mosaic Menswear. Mens fashion.
At Mosaic Menswear Inc. our ambition comes from producing high quality products that express style and personality. We are mindful of the end user and for this reason we aim to create the highest quality of clothing and accessories. Our vision isn’t to create just another product, but to create a movement through which people can express their individuality.
Our company is an advocate for a unique belief that what you wear is an outward expression of who you are. In our case it’s what we make is an outward expression of who we are. 

Frequent Questions

Q. What are your ties made out of?
A. Our ties are handmade from 100% quality materials ranging from cotton and linen to denim.

Q. How long does it take to ship? Can you expedite shipping?
A. Our ties will usually ship within 7 days. Expedited shipping is available for domestic shipments only.

Q. What are the measurements of your ties?
A. Mosaic ties measure 59" long and range from 2" to 3" at the widest point.

If you have any further questions. Please let us know!